Having been in rock bands since he was 13, Jack is a prolific singer-songwriter who stylistically fuses his pop-rock anthemic tastes with the modern 21st century sound of music.


From his London recording studio, Jack produces music for artists and bands of genres ranging from pop, rock, country, indie, singer-songwriter, and more. 


Jack also works remotely with clients from all around the world.

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Jack is the founder of SkyTop Productions - a music production company and private penthouse recording studio in South-West London.



Jack is a qualified in counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical nutrition, personal training and sports nutrition. 


He offers bespoke lifestyle-related coaching and help to people with particular needs such as: fitness programs; relationship issues; nutritional help; weight loss; overall life balance. 



Jack Galloway is a London UK based music producer, singer songwriter, and health professional (running a private CBT practice, and formerly as a clinical nutritionist and personal trainer).  


As an only-child who lost his parents at a young age, Jack knows how complex life is.

His parents left him with compassionate values, a thirst for success, excitement for life, and a love of music. Ultimately, this guided his path into music, health and wellness. 

When not working with clients or in the recording studio, Jack spends as much of his time as possible travelling and probably on a beach somewhere! 

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