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Jack Galloway is a London born singer-songwriter and music producer.

His sound blends his story-telling style of songwriting with elements of modern country, stadium rock, and pop.

Jack comes from a long line of drummers in a musical family. Whilst he never took to drums himself, his father got him his first guitar when he was 11 years old, and he started learning all the riffs and songs by bands his dad was bringing him up on: Led Zeppelin, Queen, Bryan Adams, Motley Crue.

Having found love in music, Jack quickly became involved in school bands and the local rock music scene as a teenager, co-producing tracks in the pop-punk bands he was in. It was only when he discovered country music that songwriting became his outlet - as a tool facing the challenges of never fitting in at school, turbulent romances, and both his parents dying in his early life.

After university, Jack had taken a hiatus in music and started a career in fitness and health. It was at the height of his career that his life forever changed with the death of his mum when he was 24 (his dad having also passed when he was 17).


Combined with a turbulent break-up at the time, Jack re-found his passion for music and spent the next years in various collaboration projects as well as honing as skill as a music producer.

These days, Jack is a full-time music producer based from his own private recording studio in London - SKYTOP PRODUCTIONS

Jack's debut single 'Key To Your Heart' was released in November 2019 and 2020 is set to see follow-up singles and his debut EP.





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